Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is an extremely demanding and delicate field of study due to the exceptional sensitivity of young patients.

Professional and friendly team

At SmileClinic, we know how important a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in a dental office is, especially when we treat children. Small patients are always invited to the dental chair, where a smiling doctor full of kindness and patience wins their sympathy.

SmileClinic’s offer includes a full range of dental services for children.

Our experienced doctors know how important deciduous teeth play in adulthood. Not only do they affect the correct order in which the permanent teeth are healed, their health and proper alignment in the dental arches, but they also contribute to the health of the whole body.

The important role
of deciduous teeth

Untreated deciduous teeth can significantly affect the quality of permanent teeth. They hold the place and show the direction of the growth of their successors. Premature loss may cause malocclusion and lead to defects that require orthodontic treatment. Untreated deciduous caries can spread to permanent teeth, which is why proper oral hygiene is so important from the time the first deciduous teeth appear.

Healthy and broad smiles of our youngest patients are priceless to us

Adaptive visit

An adaptive visit plays a very important role in the dentist’s office. During the visit, our youngest patients familiarize themselves with specialized devices. The armchair serves as an elevator, the lamp is sunshine, and the saliva ejector is the trunk of an elephant who is very thirsty to drink. We talk about things that we use for later treatment in a fun and friendly way. During the first visit, the doctor will demonstrate techniques to properly care for dental hygiene.


Treatment under computer anesthesia


We provide a full range of treatment for our youngest patients. We have the opportunity to use computer anesthesia, the Wand, which doses anesthetic fluid in a gentle and effective way. In addition, we rub a gel onto the mucosal surface, which reduces the feeling of sharp pain associated with it.

We fill deciduous teeth with materials that are adapted to the child’s age and additionally release fluoride. We make good quality fillings in various colours that the patient can choose freely.

What does the Wand
anaesthesia device look like?

This small device consists of a computer and a tube with a tip resembling a stick. A small, thin needle is hidden in the stick, which the doctor gently puts on the anaesthesia spot.

Our experienced doctors know how important it is to care for deciduous teeth during youth considering the impact it has in the adult life

When should the first adaptation visit take place?

The Polish Society of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that the best time for the first adaptation visit is the period between 6 and 12 months of the child’s life. Exactly when the first tooth appears.

Why is it worth trusting us and entrusting childcare?

We are parents ourselves and because of this we know how sensitive children are and how they experience each visit to the dental office.

  • We conduct adaptive visits.
  • We are distinguished by delicacy, gentleness and, above all, effectiveness in treatment.
  • We treat under computer anaesthesia.