Price list

Sample prices of dental services

To ensure your comfort, we provide examples of prices for services offered in the Clinic. Before starting treatment, we conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s oral cavity and on this basis we discuss and assess the scope of treatment needed. Based on this information, a treatment plan and cost estimate is prepared that allows you to plan expenses.

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality and aesthetics. Prosthetic works are performed in cooperation with the best dental technicians in Poland and in the world. The price list provided has an informative form. For works and comprehensive treatment, the total cost of treatment is prepared individually based on the treatment plan.


Appropriate diagnostics are crucial for our work. We use the best digital imaging solutions such as radiovisiography and computed tomography (CBCT). On the basis of which we prepare an individual and the most promising treatment plan.​


Prevention is one of the least invasive procedures performed in the clinic, it consists of complete removal of plaque, the so-called scaling, sanding, polishing and protection of enamel with fluorine. We approach each patient individually. We carry out thorough instruction and provide suitable support (brush, paste, etc.) depending on the patient’s needs.

As the only company in Poland we carry out the CareScreen study, which allows us to assess the risk of caries and take preventive measures early enough. In our clinic, we recommend that the hygienization procedure should be carried out every 6 months.

Cleaning teeth from plaque, sanding, polishing, fluoridation, instruction – the cost depends on the local condition. The average visit duration is about 1.5 hours.


Discoloration and stains on teeth are a common cause of reduced self-esteem or bad mood. The ideal solution to eliminate them is whitening.

At SmileClinic, whitening is a completely safe and effective procedure, we use one of the best methods, which consists of two stages. The first is carried out in the clinic using a professional lamp, the second step is carried out at home. The patient gets a set of individual overlays that are designed to further strengthen and emphasize the effect of the treatment.


The course of conservative treatment depends on the severity of the caries. We carry out thorough diagnostics to determine it. Conservative treatment is carried out with the help of a microscope or magnifying glass and the use of high quality materials.

At SmileClinic, we pay attention to the careful and accurate execution of fillings, so that they perfectly reflect the natural morphology of the teeth, fulfill their function and are durable, up to 15 years.


Implantological treatment is the safest and the most predictable method of supplementing missing teeth. At SmileClinic, we increase the patient’s safety and comfort, thanks to the use of modern technologies such as computer navigation, which allows extremely precise transfer of implant positions to the oral cavity or intraoral scanners.

We work on implantological products of the renowned Swiss brand Straumann, which is famous for its precision and invests in scientific research, thanks to which we are sure that the implants introduced by us will successfully fulfill their function.

Implantological procedures at SmileClinic are primarily a guarantee of safety and durability.


Each of our prosthetic solutions is individually selected to meet the needs and expectations of our patients, from classic prosthetics to modern solutions.

Our main task is not only to meet aesthetic expectations, but also to restore the correct function of the masticatory system. Thanks to that we are sure that the solutions we offer will last for years.

The cost depends on the technology and the technician performing the work. In cooperation with technicians from Germany or the USA, the cost is priced individually.


Orthodontics at SmileClinic is discreet, fast and effective. Unlike other clinics, the most important task, in addition to improving aesthetics, is to obtain the optimal function of the masticatory system. Thus our patients can enjoy their natural smile until old age.

Before starting orthodontic treatment, thorough diagnostics are performed to precisely determine both needs and possibilities.

We help fulfill dreams of a beautiful smile. Our main goal is to restore the correct function while maintaining beautiful facial aesthetics.