Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with maintaining your own teeth in their function, shape and colour. Our qualified and experienced doctors perfectly know how to prevent and treat caries which is already formed. Thanks to regular prevention, the doctor has the ability to react to disturbing symptoms very quickly and is able to inhibit the development of cavities in a timely manner so that tooth decay does not get into the deeper tissues of the teeth.

Advanced imaging diagnostics tests performed using the latest technologies are the basis in the treatment of our patients.

Caries due to the stages of advancement are divided into:


Initial – these are white spots on the enamel, called decalcification, which at this stage has not damaged the enamel. At this stage, it is possible to reverse the process.


Surface – covers only the surface of the enamel in which an irreversible defect arose. The tooth reacts to sweet and acid chemical stimuli as well as probing.


Medium – the defect covers enamel and dentin and becomes black or brown. There is a clear line between healthy dentin and pulp. The tooth reacts to sweet, acidic, temperature changes and probing.


Deep – this is the last stage in which the defect reaches the dental pulp and causes pain. This condition without treatment can lead to tooth death and periodontitis.

The basis in our clinic are advanced imaging diagnostics tests, thanks to which the doctor knows perfectly well how advanced the carious defect is and what treatment methods will be most suitable for the patient.

Treatment tailored to the individual needs of patients

We treat initial caries during one visit, without drilling or administering anesthetics. We use the remineralization or infiltration method, thanks to which we effectively inhibit caries.

Slogans that define us are: the perfect aesthetic effect, the perfect reconstruction of the shape and the perfect restoration of the tooth's functions

Caries changes requiring mechanical treatment are rebuilt using the highest quality materials characterized by very high durability and strength. The perfect reconstruction of the tooth shape with the refinement of all dental tubers and grooves is our specialty.

We care for the highest comfort of our patients, each defect is processed under local anesthesia.

We use light-cured materials from reputable, world-class manufacturers.

We create very aesthetic and durable works that are indistinguishable with the naked eye from the real teeth.

What is reminalization and
what is tooth infiltration?

Reminalization is the imposition of a specialized preparation, which is designed to rebuild, strengthen and embed calcium and phosphorus ions into the enamel walls, thanks to which the teeth become resistant to bacteria present in the mouth. Enamel is strengthened, thus it is more resistant to acids and bacteria.

Infiltration is a procedure involving the strengthening of tooth enamel by applying a specialized preparation, a liquid ICON resin, which penetrates into the caries structure of the enamel that significantly strengthens it.

Why should you opt for conservative treatment at SmileClinic?

We analyze and plan treatment in detail.

We accurately recreate the anatomical shape of the teeth.

We use high quality materials.

We work on the most modern dental equipment.

We provide a full range of diagnostic imaging.

Our doctors have experience, knowledge and skills to implement the treatment plan in the best way possible.

Both before and after treatment, we use intraoral cameras to visualize and accurately explain the problem our patients face and finally show the effect of treatment.