Modern implantology gives a wide range of solutions and at the same time remains the most secure and predictable field of dentistry that allows to supplement single or full-arch tooth defects.

An implant is a small titanium element that replaces the natural root of the tooth. Thanks to it we can place a crown on it, support a bridge or a prosthesis. It is a safe solution, which gives a number of possibilities.


A lifetime implant in SMILECLINIC!
As one of the few in Europe, we can boast 99.7% of treatment effectiveness over a 25-year follow-up period.
These numbers speak for themselves!

Tomorrow's implantology

Implantological procedures at SmileClinic are above all safe and durable. We have been implanting implants since 1996. At each stage, we use highly specialized tools, knowledge and experience of our entire team, headed by Krzysztof Chmielewski, one of the most experienced implantologists in Poland.

Our work is based on the best materials available on the market from the Swiss company Straumann, which has many years of experience in scientific research and it is famous for its precision.

We know how valuable the implantological system is, which is why we choose proven solutions confirmed by clinical tests. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the implants we introduce will fulfill their function successfully.

What distinguishes implantology at SmileClinic?

The implantology at SmileClinic is conducted by Krzysztof Chmielewski, a world-class expert in the fields of implantology and dental surgery. He is a lecturer who is training other doctors all around the world.

We perform implantological procedures using computer navigation, which allows us to transfer the implant’s position to the oral cavity with an accuracy of up to 16 microns which is an extremely precise way.

We have laboratory facilities based fully on digital protocols to which we have imported the best devices available on the market by Amann Girrbach, Dental Wings, Ivoclar Vivadent and Stratasys, which are famous for their accuracy and durability.

The course of implantological treatment

We perform a number of specialized tests before starting implantological treatment.

During the first consultation visit, tomography is performed and intraoral scans are needed to prepare the implantology template for computer navigation.

Then the patient is referred for a blood test (blood coagulation time, cholesterol including NDL, CRP, morphology, vitamin D3 and we recommend TSH for women), so that the doctor can make sure that there are no contraindications for the procedure based on the results obtained.

The implantation and preparation itself takes about 1.5 hours and it is completely painless.

Each patient gets a set of recommendations, a prescription, an antiseptic mouthwash that helps maintain normal bacterial flora in their mouth and a cold compress.

The main task of the Advanced Implant Center is safe and fully biological treatment of patients who have lost their own teeth

We are sure that the implantological solutions we offer are safe and durable

Reasons why you should decide on computer navigation procedures:

Patient’s safety

• Careful planning of the implant position allows you to maintain important anatomical structures such as vessels, nerves or maxillary sinuses, thanks to which the recovery time is much shorter and milder,

Safe conduct of flapless surgeries.

Financial benefits for the patient

Cost optimization by reducing the number of visits and their duration,

• Reducing the cost of treatment by reducing the number of augmentation procedures,

Optimal selection of prosthetic components at the planning stage.

Patient’s comfort

• Shortened treatment duration,

• Minimizing postoperative reactions,

• Often no pain after surgery.


1. How can you replace a missing tooth?

One of the best choices is implantological treatment. An implant is an artificial tooth root on which a crown can be placed, a bridge or a denture can be supported. It has many solutions and is a completely secure procedure.

2. Is implantology procedure safe?

We have been implanting implants since 1996. The experience that we have gained over the years gives the basis for performing completely safe and predictable procedures. What’s more, we increase security thanks to modern technologies. We work with computer navigation, we use intraoral scanners and we have our own laboratory facilities.

3. Can an implant last for a lifetime?

Many factors depend on how long the implant lasts. If the implant is of good quality and regular check-ups are carried out, it may last for a lifetime. It is a biological treatment during which the implant interacts with the whole body.