Digital Smile Design in SmileClinic

A beautiful smile can be designed.

A beautiful smile is harmony, which is influenced by the shape, proportions of the teeth and their exposure when we smile or speak. Based on many studies, a number of principles have been established, thanks to which a beautiful smile can be designed individually for each patient.

Digital Smile Design, or computer smile design, is a modern technology that involves in-depth analysis of the patient’s face, mouth and teeth photos to design the perfect proportions and shape of the teeth in the next step and create a digital visualization of the proposed changes and treatment effects.

Based on the design prepared, a waxy pattern of the front teeth is created, which is applied to the patient’s teeth in the form of the so-called mock-up. Thanks to the procedure carried out in this way, the Patient can see the effect of the targeted treatment with a large approximation before it begins, and the doctor can assess the scope of necessary actions needed to achieve the desired result.

Smiles designed in SmileClinic are tailor made, perfectly meeting the expectations of both patients and doctors

Digital Smile Design is a concept created by Brazilian dentist Christian Couchman. It is a great tool not only for smile design but also for communication.

A beautiful smile is very often the result of the work of doctors of various specialties – prosthetics, surgeons or orthodontists, with the invaluable role of dental technicians.

Digital Smile Design allows to create a coherent project based on specialist knowledge in many fields. DSD is a common planning language, which creates an individual project tailored to your needs, and its implementation is precisely planned at every stage of treatment.

A good project and a great team of implementers are the guarantee of the perfect effect obtained in the planned time.

DSD at SmileClinic

The first visit is a conversation about the patient’s expectations, a thorough clinical examination of the teeth, muscles, temporomandibular joint and a photographic portfolio of the face, lips and teeth. It is also a time when a doctor can get to know the nature of his patient thus the smile planned is harmonious with personality and temperament of the patient.

The time to reserve is 1.5 hours.

If it is necessary to take a panoramic or CT scan (computed tomography), we can do these tests on site. The proposition of treatment at SmileClinic is in-depth diagnostics, which is the basis for planning the appropriate treatment, thanks to that the effects will last for many years.

See the final effect before starting treatment!