Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening involves changing the natural colour of your teeth to a lighter one. This is the fastest and most popular procedure in the field of aesthetic dentistry, thanks to which our teeth will regain a snow-white shade.

Teeth whitening treatment is carried out in our clinic by a qualified dental hygienist using professional, dedicated preparations.

The whitening treatment is always preceded by a consultation, thanks to which we can assess the state of oral health and conduct a thorough interview with the patient. Healthy teeth and gums are main condition for an effective teeth whitening. If the need arises, our patients are dedicated to a specialist in conservative dentistry. However, the standard in our clinic is to perform professional dental hygiene before subjecting the patient to the whitening process.

Spectacular whitening effects after just one visit

What does the teeth whitening process look like in SmileClinic?

1. Whitening with the ZoomSpeed ​​White lamp

Currently, the most effective teeth whitening system in the clinic is carried out using the ZoomSpeed ​​White lamp. We successfully use it even for patients with hypersensitivity, who previously could not use the methods of office whitening. It involves applying a dedicated whitening gel to the very surface of the teeth, which is activated by the blue light of the lamp. The gel components pass through the enamel into the dentine and as a result of oxidation process the teeth quickly become brighter. The cycle consists of four consecutive sessions that last for 15 minutes each.

Step by step whitening treatment:

Step 1: Before the procedure, we assess the current colour of your teeth, using a special tooth shade.

Step 2: After putting on protective goggles, we apply petroleum jelly on the lips (to protect the lips from drying out) and then we apply a special gag in the oral cavity and we also put on face masks.

Step 3: We secure the gums.

Step 4: We thoroughly apply the whitening gel using a precise syringe to the surface of the teeth.

Step 5: We turn on the lamp and start the whitening process.

Step 6: We irradiate the teeth covered with the preparation four times. There are 4 sessions of 15 minutes duration each.

Step 7: Take out the gag and evaluate the whitening results. Lamp whitening is the best way to get instant results for a dazzling and white smile.

See the dazzling whitening effects in SmileClinic

blank After whitening
blank Before whitening

2. Overlay whitening

The overlay method is a system that involves the use of an individually and ideally suited overlay for the patient’s dental arches together with a dedicated gel whitening. Depending on the concentration of the whitening preparation, it can be used during day or night. Similarly to office whitening, before starting the procedure it is necessary to visit a dental office, during which a qualified hygienist will check whether the condition of the patient’s teeth allows to use this method. Hygienist will professionally prepare the teeth for the hygienization procedure. The next step is to take an impressions on the basis of which our prosthetic laboratory will make personalized overlays.

During the next visit, the patient receives a ready-made whitening kit to use comfortably at home and is very thoroughly instructed in the use of overlays with a gel preparation.

The duration of overlay whitening is a period of about two weeks.

Using overlays step-by-step:

Step 1: Squeeze the right amount of whitening preparation into the cavities of the overlay.

Step 2: Place the overlay on previously cleaned teeth and press it firmly.

Step 3: We wear the overlay all night. If the whitening is in the daytime system, it is about 3 hours.

It is very important to appear in the dentist’s office after the procedure to check the whitening results and polish teeth, so that the smile will acquire even more compelling shine.

Please note that the total whitening effect is visible after 14 days. During this period, you should follow a proper white diet so that your teeth do not stain from unsuitable food products.

Why whitening in SmileClinic gives such long-lasting effects and is safe?

  • We use whitening methods individually tailored to the needs of our patients.
  • For office whitening, we use Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​technology that meets all European Union standards for the use of hydrogen peroxide, which is a maximum of 6%.
  • The cold light of the lamp together with the whitening gel brightens the teeth within 60 min by an average of 6-8 shades.
  • The office whitening gel has ACP, i.e. amorphous calcium phosphate, which fantastically affects the protection of enamel, improves its gloss and smoothness and helps to reduce hypersensitivity.
  • The whitening method is selected and carried out by a qualified dental hygienist who, thanks to the experience, does it effectively and safely.

Whitening - a safe and effective treatment for a bright and beautiful smile

What does "white diet" mean?

A white diet means giving up foods that can stain your teeth and destroy the whitening effect. Following it will ensure more lasting results in maintaining a white smile. Recommended products are: potatoes, rice, barley and millet groats, bran, dairy products, dishes made of flour, shrimps, poultry, white fruit and vegetables. We only drink mineral water.

How long does the whitening effect last?

The whitening effect with the Philips Zoom White Speed ​​whitening system can last up to 2 years. It should be remembered that the results depend on the diet and how you care for oral hygiene. You can use booster treatments after 6 months from office whitening and use them no longer than 2-3 days. Remember to carry out this type of treatment under the supervision of a dental hygienist.