Diagnostic: X-ray, Tomography

We accurately assess the state of oral health thanks to the possibility of using the best digital imaging solutions such as radiovisiography and computed tomography (CBCT), i.e. a three-dimensional x-ray image, cephalometric images.

Radiological examination (dental x-ray) is one of the basic sources of information about the patient’s health. This is an essential element when planning any treatment.

At SmileClinic, we use the latest dental achievements at every stage of the treatment

Computed tomography (CT) allows to obtain a three-dimensional image of bones and teeth, it is possible to analyze areas that would not be visible in a standard image. The X-ray image is analyzed in various cross-sections, which makes it possible to determine the actual parameters regarding, among others the width and shape of the alveolar process. It is necessary when planning implant treatment, the location of the most important anatomical structures, such as the inferior alveolar nerve, which is responsible for innervation of all lower teeth and lower lip, or the position of retained teeth.


The treatments carried out at SmileClinic are at the highest level thanks to the many years of clinical experience of doctors and the possibility of using the latest technologies at the stage of diagnosis and implementation of the treatment plan.

At SmileClinic we have the opportunity to work with the latest Kodak Carestream CS 9300 radiological imaging systems.

It allows to perform CBCT digital tomography, pantomogram and cephalometry in one device. This device provides complete imaging of the highest quality available. We provide safety thanks to the Intelligent Radiation Dose Control System, which means the minimum radiation dose for the patient.

Radiovisiography – it is in every office, thanks to which the patient does not have to leave the chair during treatment.

Cephalometric image – it is necessary for analyzing malocclusion, planning orthodontic and prosthetic treatment.

Panoramic view – thanks to it we can assess the health of all teeth and tissues nearby. It is the basic image for the overall assessment of teeth and bones. However, it is not sufficient for careful diagnosis and treatment planning.

Computed tomography is the most precise examination that allows you to obtain a three-dimensional image of bone tissue on a high-resolution image. This examination is necessary to carefully assess the patient’s state of health and to plan prosthetic, implantological, surgical and endodontic treatment.

What makes diagnostics at SmileClinic different?

  • Many years of clinical experience of our doctors.
  • The most modern, digital solutions.
  • The possibility of performing computed tomography on site at the clinic.
  • Kodak Carestream CS 9300 radiological imaging system.
  • Using the intelligent Radiation Dose Control System, which means the minimum dose of radiation for the patient.


1. Who makes dental x-ray in the clinic?

Spot photos are taken by a doctor during a dental visit. Whereas computed tomography, panoramic and cephalometric images are made by a specially trained radiologist.

2. How long does CT scan take?

Preparation of the patient is about 2 minutes, while the time to take the picture is only 30 seconds.