No tooth - how to fill it?
Tips from a SmileClinic specialist

As the time is passing by, our teeth are aging. As a result of various random events, there may arise situation when a lack of tooth can be seen in the mouth. In this case, you should immediately report to a specialist to supplement it.

Teeth are one harmonious system. When the tooth is lost, the opposing tooth begins to extend looking for contact, then starts the so-called domino effect, which is displacement of other teeth, occlusal disorders, speech problems, etc. The lack of a tooth causes the bone to undergo processes of loss and weakness, because there is no stimulation by the root of the tooth.

The best solution to the problem of missing tooth!

Nowadays, patients expect both short treatment times and beautiful aesthetic effects. Implantology is the most secure and predictable field of dentistry that allows you to restore harmony.

We have been implanting since 1996. The experience that we have gained over the years gives us the basis to perform procedures in a completely safe, controlled manner, and at the same time meet the high aesthetic requirements of our patients.

The lack of a tooth not only causes a decrease in confidence and aesthetics of the face, but also leads to serious disorders in the mouth. See how you can supplement it

What are dental implants?


The implant is a small titanium element, which task is to restore the natural function of the root. It allows to supplement single and fully arched missing teeth spots. Thanks to it we can put a crown on, support a bridge or a prosthesis.

This is the most natural, proven and safe replacement of missing teeth, and the procedure carried out by such an experienced doctor as Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski, using proven materials is a fully effective and durable procedure!

Why should you supplement the missing tooth?

  • It stops resorption process the so-called bone loss,
  • Our skin with age loses valuable nutrients, collagen, etc. The loss of a tooth, and thus also bone, causes that our skin does not find adequate support and begins to be saggy. Moreover, facial-nasal sulcus begin to be visible, these are the so-called hamsters. The chin is moving closer to the nose, which is often referred to as Baba Yaga effect. Our face begins to look older than it really is.
  • Reduced confidence and discomfort during everyday activities such as talking, smiling or eating,
  • Lack of one tooth may cause the so-called domino effect, loosening of neighbouring teeth and, as a consequence, their loss,
  • Implantation will not only restore the tooth, but it will also stimulate the bone again.

What is the implantation process?


Correct implant placement is determined by prosthetic restoration, which is the last stage of interdisciplinary treatment. The dentist must prepare an appropriate treatment plan and use appropriate tools to transfer the planned position of the implant to the patient’s mouth in accordance with the planned crown, bridge or other complex reconstruction.

The integrated workflow also allows us to make temporary restorations that meet the patient’s expectations of a beautiful smile immediately after the procedure.

Benefits of tooth reconstruction on an implant in SmileClinic

  • The use of computer navigation, which allows to precisely plan the position of the implant and its transfer to the patient’s mouth with respect for important anatomical structures such as vessels or nerves,
  • Rapid healing process, thanks to which the recovery period of patients is very short, they often do not suffer from pain after surgery,
  • Financial benefits resulting from cost optimization by reducing the number and duration of visits,
  • Improving patient comfort during daily activities such as speaking or eating,
  • Perfect selection of prosthetic elements already at the planning stage,
  • Implantological procedures are based on the best materials available on the market, the Swiss company Straumann, which has many years of experience in scientific research, thanks to which we are sure that the solutions we offer are completely safe and durable,
  • Predictable final effect of treatment,
  • Preventing changes in contours and facial features.

If you are looking for a specialist in supplementing tooth deficiencies, make an appointment with one of our dentists. We will try to choose the most convenient date for you.

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