Justyna Samborska


Physiotherapist. Specialist in the field of manual therapy.

In her work she uses: deep tissue massage techniques
with muscle and fascial relaxation, temporomandibular joint therapy, visceral therapy, pinotherapy, lymphatic drainage, tapping.  

It deals with the therapy of

– pain in the spine and joints and other musculoskeletal problems,

– Pain in the temporomandibular joints and other joint-related ailments, e.g. “clicking” in the joint, “throbbing” in the jaw. “Pain in the temporomandibular joint and other joint-related ailments such as clicking in the joint, bruxism, trismus, headaches, tinnitus,

– ailments related to the digestive system min. flatulence, constipation, reflux, heartburn, UC, CDS.

Completed courses:

– Deep Tissue Massage – Czubaszewski & Szałański

Deep tissue massage course

– Med Coach – Michał Chwastowski

Differential diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorders

– Med Coach – Michal Chwastowski

Diagnostics and treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions

– Reflekso Training Centre – Beata Wrona, Jakub Czaja

Complex dental rehabilitation

– Anatomy Trains Structure and Function Thomas Myers – Marcin Siedlaczek

Course Anatomy Trains Structure and Function

– Erasmus+, Silesian University of Technology, Institutio de Biomecanica de Valencia, Bydgoszcz University of Technology

Functional evaluation and advanced biomechanics in medicine and rehabilitation

– MTS Struzik Therapy

MTS Struzik Therapy pinopressure course

– Manual physiotherapy according to Bogna Listewnik

Course in techniques: musculo-fascial release, visceral, temporomandibular

– Mazur Training – Bogusław Mazur

Course Visceral Therapy part I and II

– Odnova – Dr Marian Majchrzycki

Respiratory system – treatment at the cellular level

– KINETIC Training Centre – Jaremi Sciepurko

Extended Massage Course: Classical massage, sports massage, relaxation massage, isometric massage

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For us beauty is of utmost importance. At the end of each treatment the greatest joy is the patient's smile.