Modern orthodontics gives a number of solutions that will make your smile beautiful and above all healthy. Today’s orthodontic treatment can be discreet, fast and effective, but its most important task, in addition to improving aesthetics, is to obtain the optimal function of the masticatory system.

Teeth set in the correct position are among others more resistant to abrasion or fractures, thanks to which the smile is permanently beautiful and we can enjoy our own teeth until old age.

Orthodontic treatment at Smile Clinic

Before starting orthodontic treatment, a number of specialist tests are performed to precisely determine both needs of the patient and possibilities of the treatment.

The basis of our work in every field of dentistry is accurate diagnostics. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the effects of the treatment will be stable over time.

Orthodontic diagnostics at SmileClinic consists of several elements:

• X-ray examinations that can be done in our Clinic,

• examination of muscles and temporomandibular joint,

• X-ray photo analysis,

• analysis of diagnostic models,

• analysis of intraoral photos,

• analysis of portrait photos,

• condylography.


Today's orthodontics gives a number of solutions, it can be discreet and extremely effective.

After reviewing the test results, together with the Patient we discuss and choose the best and most effective treatment method, as well as the appropriate appliance for the Patient’s defect.

Before putting the appliance on, the patient is always scheduled for a hygienization visit to remove the remaining calculus and dental deposit, which inhibits the progress of treatment.

Then the appliance is put on. During this visit, the patient receives detailed instructions on how to care for dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment.


Depending on the type of appliance, follow-up visits take place every month or two. During visits, treatment progress is checked and, if necessary, appropriate modifications are made.

Statistical orthodontic treatment lasts about 2 years. After removing the appliance, the teeth are cleaned of glue and polished. On the inner surface of the teeth, the doctor places a retainer – a thin metal wire, which task is to maintain the new position of the teeth.

What distinguishes orthodontics in SmileClinic?

The cooperation of doctors which are specialists in the planning of orthodontic treatment is the greatest distinguishing value of SmileClinic. In-depth analysis of aesthetic needs and analysis of the functions of the masticatory system allows the teeth to be placed in a position that carries out the most important elements of orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment among young people is the best investment in a healthy and beautiful smile. This is minimally invasive dentistry, using the potential of healthy, yet not damaged teeth. Correct setting will pay off throughout your life.

Adult orthodontic treatment is often associated with the reconstruction of teeth damaged as a result of malocclusion. The task of the team of doctors is to plan the treatment in such a way that the restoration of a beautiful smile and good function is possible.

The correct occlusion is a base of orthodontic treatment, thanks to which we can be sure that your teeth will remain straight and beautiful.

Orthodontics plays an extremely important role in interdisciplinary treatment of adults, it prepares for further prosthetic or implant prosthetic treatment.

Lack of teeth usually causes the other teeth to move, bend or spread, resulting in unsightly gaps between the teeth. Sometimes preparing teeth for several months for further stages of prosthetic or implant prosthetic treatment significantly improves the final effect and durability of rehabilitation

In our clinic, the planning of orthodontic treatment for adult patients is carried out by an orthodontist, a prosthodontist and, if necessary, an implantologist.

In our clinic we offer a number of suggestions during orthodontic treatment

Classic fixed appliance – this is the most frequently chosen solution during orthodontic treatment. The standard appliance consist of several elements – an arch, which is fixed in orthodontic brackets with the help of coloured rubber bands the so-called ligatures and locks that can be metal or made of aesthetic materials such as porcelain or crystal. During each visit, the patient can choose the colour of the ligatures depending on the mood, taste or season.

Self-ligating appliances – as in the case of a classic fixed appliance, it consists of an arch and locks, however, unlike the classic one, it does not require ligatures. The locks are fitted with special flaps that are designed to hold the wire.

Clear Aligner overlays – is a modern method of correcting delicate malocclusion using transparent overlays, which are individually designed for each patient. The patient receives a set of 3-4 overlays at each visit, then he is obliged to change them weekly. The great advantage of this type of solution is its discretion. Unfortunately, this is not a solution for undisciplined patients, because you should rigorously watch the time of wearing the overlays and replace them as prescribed by your doctor.


1. How to avoid recurrence of malocclusion?

The stability of orthodontic treatment is largely determined by the properly rebuilt function of the masticatory system, i.e. the correct relationship of teeth in relation to each other during occlusion and clamping. The right position of the jaw in the temporomandibular joint determines the comfort of the muscles and thus the comfort for the patient.

2. Why should I arrange regular visits to the hygiene office?

When wearing appliances, hygiene is very difficult, as residual food leads to caries, calculus and dental plaque. Patients under orthodontic treatment are looked after by a hygienist, helping to maintain excellent hygiene and inviting you for a follow-up visit every 3 months, which we try to combine with a visit to the orthodontist.

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