Prevention and hygiene

Prevention and dental hygiene is a non-invasive and least expensive form of treatment performed in the clinic. It should be remembered that oral health is the health of the whole body and that it is better to prevent diseases than to treat them.

SmileClinic is a place where we are well aware of the important role of prevention considering caries and periodontal disease. Our patients are regularly invited, every six months, for a standard check-up and hygiene.

Thanks to this, we can quickly detect even the smallest irregularity in oral health. In addition, hygienization is recommended before performing more invasive procedures such as implantation or prosthetics. Professional cleaning is also an inseparable and first stage in whitening of our patients’ teeth.

Regular prevention means success
in a dazzling and healthy smile!

The course of the hygienization visit:

1. We stain the bacterial plate and take intraoral photos to illustrate the problem and discuss the examination,

2. We perform scaling, i.e. remove supragingival and subgingival dental plaque using mechanical and manual tools,

3. We sand the teeth by removing extrinsic discoloration (cigarettes, coffee, tea),

4. We polish the enamel to smooth its surface and reduce retention for the bacterial plaque,

5. We apply fluorescent foam,

6. We conduct motivational instructions on caring for oral hygiene.

Hygienic treatment is not only the removal of calculus and dental deposit, but also making the patient aware of the risks arising from improper dental hygiene or its complete absence.

In our clinic, we carry out tests using the Meter CariScreen device, i.e. we assess the risk of caries, which consists of examining the oral cavity Ph and determining the level of carious bacteria in the oral cavity. It is the most perfect diagnostics in combating caries disease, because it gives 95% effectiveness. This study allows us to offer our patients preventive, cheaper and less stressful treatment.

The Meter CariScreen apparatus test is carried out during one visit and the result is obtained after a few minutes. The test is completely painless and safe. It is a perfect solution especially for pregnant patients.

We treat each patient individually and the dates of subsequent visits are set according to their preventive and therapeutic needs

How long does hygienization take?

In our clinic, we devote 1.5 hours to a professional teeth cleaning procedure along with full instructions on caring for oral hygiene. It is the right time to take care of our patients’ teeth with the greatest care and precision.

Is the hygienisation itself painful?

For most people, the procedure does not cause pain. Some patients may experience mild discomfort and sensitivity to the teeth. We eliminate them using computer anesthesia The Wand.

Our qualified hygienist uses devices that in a minimally invasive way clean the dental calculus from the surface of the teeth. Types of sand for professional dental prevention treatment are the most delicate medical products available on the market and importantly they are not followed by teeth sensitivity.

If hygiene, it's only with us!

  • A hygienization visit at SmileClinic lasts 1.5 hours.
  • We stain dental plaque to assess oral hygiene.
    We take intraoral photos to illustrate the problem and discuss the procedure.
  • We use the EMS MASTER PIEZON scaler with the No Pain tip. It is the device with the highest standard on the ultrasonic device market.
  • The sand used to clean the teeth is very delicate and does not follow hypersensitivity. In addition, it polishes and strengthens the enamel thanks to the appropriate ingredients.
  • Hygienic treatment is done with attention to the smallest detail.
  • In addition to mechanical tools, we also use manual tools.
  • We make sure that hygiene is carried out supragingival and subgingival.
  • We carry out thorough instruction and help in choosing the most suitable oral hygiene products.