Oral surgery

Dental surgery plays an important role in interdisciplinary treatment. This field of dentistry deals with surgical treatment of the oral cavity and its surroundings. If necessary, it allows to properly prepare the patient for further implantological, prosthetic or orthodontic treatment.

For many patients, dental surgery is associated with something unpleasant and is related to pain. In our clinic, we make every effort to ensure that surgical procedures are carried out under high aseptic conditions and the patient feels completely comfortable and safe.

Are dental procedures painful?

All dental surgery procedures are carried out under local anesthesia The Wand, which, thanks to the microprocessor installed in the device, selects the appropriate dose of anesthesia for the patient.

To increase the comfort of our patients even more and to make sure that the recovery period will run smoothly, after each completed procedure the patient gets a list of recommendations, a cold compress and a special mouthwash that will accelerate the healing process.

Dental surgery is a department dealing with oral procedures, such as tooth extraction, which we perform under anesthesia at SmileClinic in Gdańsk.

In our clinic we carry out specialized dental surgery procedures:

  • Tooth extraction,
  • Extractions of eighth teeth the so-called wisdom teeth
  • Extractions of retained teeth in the bone,
  • Bone root extractions,
  • Resections,
  • Finishing extraction from other clinics,
  • Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus,
  • Implants and perimplantation procedures.

Tooth extraction carried out during dental surgery is an important procedure that can often help treat recurrent conditions such as inflammation of the tooth pulp. It is also sometimes needed for orthodontic treatment when the teeth overlap too much. A common cause of tooth extraction is also because of Patient accidents, as a result a broken or cracked tooth remains in the mouth, thus it can cause further problems.

However, it is worth remembering that dental surgery procedures performed in a professional dental clinic do not cause pain during surgery. If the patient has important information about his health, such as blood clotting problems, diabetes or cardiovascular disorders, please inform the dentist during an interview and examination so that the treatment process can be safe and adapted to the patient’s needs.


1. Does everyone have to remove eights?

Based on the radiological image, the dentist determines whether it is necessary to extract the eighth teeth. If they grow incorrectly, at an angle, they cause pressing of the already existing teeth and there is a formation of a pocket in which food is deposited, there may be needed extraction. Otherwise, it may lead to carious cavities, unpleasant smell from the mouth and intrabony pockets.

2. Is extraction a painful procedure?

It has been established that a tooth extraction procedure is painful, but it is not true. Thanks to the right amount of local anesthesia, it is completely painless. To do this, we use local anesthesia the Wand, which uses a microprocessor to dispense the appropriate dose of anesthetic preparation.

Our specialists in dental surgery: