Aesthetic dentistry

A beautiful and straight smile is the dream of many of us. It is an indicator of health, happiness and personality. Nothing warms our image like a sincere smile, straight from the heart… Aesthetic dentistry allows to make these dreams come true.

Are you satisfied with your smile?

Recent studies have shown that as many as 80% of respondents are not satisfied with their smile. This is fully understood. Over time, our teeth change and age with us. Their colour and shape deteriorates as a result of incorrect occlusion or diet, making our smile no longer as attractive as it used to be.

"The smile is the best cosmetic for external use and the best medicine for internal use" - Phil Bosmans.

Aesthetic dentistry is real art. It improves and corrects the shape of teeth, allows you to forget about any defects in the form of unwanted gaps or discoloration.

Thanks to it, you can start enjoying your smile again.

Procedures performed in aesthetic dentistry:


Fillings – this is a seemingly very simple and uncomplicated procedure, however, a poorly performed can disturb everyday activities such as speaking or eating. It gives a feeling of discomfort and in the future can unfortunately lead to malocclusion. It can strongly distort the aesthetics of our smile.

A well-made filling perfectly covers all tooth tissues that are sensitive to bacteria. It perfectly rebuilds its natural shape, enamel colour and function.

At SmileClinic, we attach great importance to the exact implementation of fillings. Therefore it is hard to distinguish the composite from the natural enamel.


Teeth whitening – snow-white, simple and beautiful smile is a determinant of health, confidence, attractiveness and willingness to take care of your own image.

At SmileClinic we use one of the top methods, which consists of two stages.

The first stage is carried out in the clinic and consists of whitening using the Philips ZOOM White Speed ​​lamp. The second stage is carried out at home and consists of whitening using a set of overlays. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the effect is almost immediate!


Veneers – seemingly delicate porcelain or composite overlays that allow you to hide unwanted aesthetic defects. Thanks to them we can successfully cover small cracks or discoloration, lengthen teeth and even mask diastema.


Tooth implants – this is the best and most promising solution for people who have lost a natural tooth. Thanks to the use of proven materials that perfectly replace natural teeth, we are able to recreate a healthy and beautiful smile.


Orthodontics – the most important goal of orthodontic treatment, in addition to aesthetics, is to ensure the correct function of the masticatory system so that our teeth do not abrade and thus are not damaged.

Straight teeth and correct occlusion reduce the likelihood of caries and periodontal disease and increase our self-esteem and self-confidence as well. Appropriate occlusion improves the face oval and a smile beautifully fits into its shape.

Aesthetic dentistry at SmileClinic is a way to fulfill the dream of a healthy and dazzling smile